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Whitetail Fawn Closeup

I got this photo as I was leaving my house.  There were twins but only one presented itself for a closeup.  I love the beauty in there faces.  Their eyes are so intense.Image

Kingfisher Hovering Machine


Kingfishers are great hunters.  This happened to hover very close to my lens and got a great shot.  

Osprey My Favorite Bird

I love this shot as he is so intense coming off the water with no fish I might add.  These birds are amazing fisherman but sometimes they do miss.  Image

Pronghorn With Twin Fawns

This is probably my most favorite photo of a pronghorn with her twin babies.  It was early morning and the light was soft with a low shutter speed.  I love the catch light in their eyes.  It makes the photos.Image

Kestrel Ruffling Feathers

I caught this little guy ruffling his feathers just at daybreak.  It was a very slow shutter speed of 1/60 second in low light.  But I like it.  Image

Avocet Baby Skimming The Bottom

This baby avocet was busy scooping something off the bottom when this photo was taken.  Not sure what he or she is eating but it must be rich.  They have doubled in size in just one week.  Image

Kingfishers Eating Their Catch

It is not often you catch two kingfishers side by side eating their catch.  These little guys are great fisherman and have no trouble catching fish.  They swallow them whole head first.  You can see one about to do so and the other is trying to turn his catch around so he can swallow it head first.  Many times they will whack the fishes head on the branch several times to kill it before turning the fish and eating it.  Image