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Lone Tree Sunrise Wind Cave National Park

As a wildlife photographer you get to see a lot of neat sunrises.  I was hoping for some elk on this ridge for a great shot but no elk so settled for this lone tree.  The sky was so beautiful and the color lasted a long time.  Maybe next time a big bull elk or two will be on that ridge.  


Whitetail Fawn Closeup

I got this photo as I was leaving my house.  There were twins but only one presented itself for a closeup.  I love the beauty in there faces.  Their eyes are so intense.Image

Kingfisher Hovering Machine


Kingfishers are great hunters.  This happened to hover very close to my lens and got a great shot.  

Osprey My Favorite Bird

I love this shot as he is so intense coming off the water with no fish I might add.  These birds are amazing fisherman but sometimes they do miss.  Image

Pronghorn With Twin Fawns

This is probably my most favorite photo of a pronghorn with her twin babies.  It was early morning and the light was soft with a low shutter speed.  I love the catch light in their eyes.  It makes the photos.Image

Kestrel Ruffling Feathers

I caught this little guy ruffling his feathers just at daybreak.  It was a very slow shutter speed of 1/60 second in low light.  But I like it.  Image