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Avocet Baby Skimming The Bottom

This baby avocet was busy scooping something off the bottom when this photo was taken.  Not sure what he or she is eating but it must be rich.  They have doubled in size in just one week.  Image

Kingfishers Eating Their Catch

It is not often you catch two kingfishers side by side eating their catch.  These little guys are great fisherman and have no trouble catching fish.  They swallow them whole head first.  You can see one about to do so and the other is trying to turn his catch around so he can swallow it head first.  Many times they will whack the fishes head on the branch several times to kill it before turning the fish and eating it.  Image

Mallard Hen In Flight

Mallards drakes are beautiful birds but so is the hen.  Most think they are just a drab brown until they take flight.  These two photos catch the beauty of these birds.ImageImage

Big Bull Elk In Full Velvet


I got this bull elk Sunday morning at daybreak as he topped a ridge headed for the dark timber for another hot day.  I love photographing these guys this time of year when they are in full velvet.


Osprey Skimming Water To Drink

Osprey amaze me and I learn more each time I go out to photograph these raptures.  I caught a seven sequence of photos of her skimming the water to dip her beak in to get a refreshing drink.  These are two out of the series.  ImageImage

Bear Butte Sunset Storm Clouds

I love this time of year when the thunderstorms roll in and you see spectacular sunsets.  These two photos were captured at the same time looking two different directions from the same location.


American Avocet Wading Birds

The American Avocet is one of my favorite wading birds.  They are so graceful in flight and on the ground.  I love their turned up beak and muted colors.  The last photo is that of their two babies wading nearby to  the adults.  Notice the beginning of the up turned beak. ImageImageImageImage