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Burrowing Owls

Burrowing Owls are my favorite owls to photograph.  They are so animated in their actions.  These little guys only stand about 8 inches tall.  They are beetle, grasshopper, and cricket eating machines with an occasional small rodent for the big prey.  They and the prairie dogs get along just fine and seem to respect each others space most times.  I can sit for hours observing and photographing these little guys.ImageImage

Black-tailed Prairie Dog Alert Call

The black-tailed prairie dog is not loved by the cattlemen but these critters still amaze me.  It has taken me many tries to capture this scene.  I wanted it to be a side profile with the dog at his apex in his alert call.  It happens at a blink of an eye and much patience was required to get this one.Image

Badlands National Park Lightning Photos At Sunset Using A Lightning Trigger For Capture


Osprey Play

Osprey are an amazing bird.  They sometimes just play in the water.  I think this female got tired of being a mom to her babies so came down for a dip in the water.Image

Osprey’s Are Amazing Fishing Machines

The photos you see here are a result of many trips to Major Lake in Hill City, SD.  These birds amaze me in their ability to catch fish.  Trying to photograph them as they do so is a photography challenge but very much worth the effort.

Great Blue Heron taken yesterday at Major Lake in Hill City, SD